Lost Mines of Phandelver

Session 1: The Adventure Begins

Neverwinter, also known as the City of Skilled Hands or The Jewel of the North, is a metropolis located along the shore of Sword Coast North. It was here that the drow Sobaka d’Arumn, the dragonborn Daegras Peaceblade, and the gnome Enigrim Timberbottom were dilly-dallying and shilly-shallying of their own accords, having not yet been acquainted with each other. That is, until, they each accepted an offer from their dwarf patron friend, Gundren Rockseeker, to escort a wagon of mining supplies and food to Barthen’s Provisions, a trading post in the frontier town of Phandalin, where the owner would pay each of them 10 gold pieces each upon arrival. Gundren was clearly excited and more than a little secretive about his reasons for the trip, saying only that his brothers had found “something big.” Knowing Gundren to be honest, even if entrepreneurial to a fault, our adventurers each had accepted his offer. Gundren then set out ahead of the party with his warrior escort Sildar Hallwinter on horses, citing that he needed to arrive early to “take care of business.”

Meanwhile, the druid Meridan Silvermoon had begun her own trek on behalf of her elders who had translated a strange omen in the night sky, which indicated that she would be instrumental in saving the area from being drained by evil creatures by overhunting and overharvesting. She set out southwest from the Neverwinter Wood, following the directions given to her by her elder druids.

The caravan guards had spent the last few days following the High Road south from Neverwinter, and had just recently veered east onto the Triboar Trail and have yet to encounter any trouble, but stay alert because this territory can be dangerous—bandits and outlaws have been known to lurk along this trail.

About a half a day along the Triboar Trail, the caravan party comes around a bend in the road and spots two dead horses sprawled 50 feet ahead, blocking the path, each with several black-feathered arrows sticking out of it. The woods pressed close to the trail here, with a steep embankment and dense thickets on either side.

Sobaka hopped down from the wagon once halted, and immediately proceeded to investigate the horses, finding that the saddlebags have been looted. Unfortunately, four goblins were hiding in the woods, waiting to ambush anyone who approached the horses. Luckily, stealth was Sobaka’s forte, and the goblins were unable to catch him off guard, though they fought fiercely.

Hearing the sound of battle further ahead, Meridan rushed ahead to investigate, finding our adventurers in the midst of battle with the goblins. Not being one to generally trust strangers, she attempted to restrain everyone, though only one goblin failed to escape. After the players yelling that they’re not the enemy—and being attacked by one of the goblins—she finally pitted in against the goblins. After a short battle (where Enigrim either displayed a worrisome lack of battle experience or was simply having an off-day), the party made a full rest before continuing their journey.



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