Lost Mines of Phandelver

Session 2: Spelunking

After a good, rest sleep and meditation, our adventurers decided to follow the path they believe their client had been taken along.

Sobaka, being one of honed reflexes and night perception, took point along the trail, springing 2 traps yet evading both. After 5 miles, they found themselves outside an abandoned mine, with a shallow stream that flows from the cave entrance. Just outside, they caught two goblins off guard—apparently supposed to be guarding the entrance, yet bickering about a hand of cards or something to that extent. Enigrim used a minor illusion to cause a shriek of pain to tear through the sky from within the nearby brush, then extinguishing the campfire flames, causing them to panic and run away—straight into Daegras, where he and the rest of the party proceed to wreck the goblins’ shit.

Carefully moving forward, they spotted a rock trap and manage to evade it, coming to a large, mostly dark area with a waterfall conveniently muffling their sound. In an adjacent storage room across a bridge, they uncover a lever, and soon decide to flip it and reverse it. CREEEEEAAAAAK THWACK A bridge falls down onto a support in the middle of this open area, leading to another passageway. A quick inspection shows no sign of creatures on the other side, so they proceed to the path to the left—upon which another rock trap from above crashes down on the bridge, luckily harming no one. The party continued and came across a room with 6 goblins and none other than Sildar Hallwinter himself, albeit beaten and bloodied, armor and weapon removed. Enigrim attempted to retrieve the prisoner by disguising himself as a goblin, but alas, the larger goblin stood up and challenged him immediately in the goblin tongue, drawing his scimitar at Enigrim’s persistence. Luckily, a much more successful cast of Entangle by Meridan and a beastly set of Magic Missiles to the lead goblin’s face allowed the party to make relatively short work of the small goblin contingent.

After the dust settles, the party approached Sildar, barely conscious from the torture, and gain the information that Gundren was likely kidnapped for his valuable map to a lost location called the Wave Echo Cave. He then asked them to escort him to Phandalin, where he could secure a loan to pay them 50 gp. Agreeing to the offer, they supplied him with a goblin’s used scimitar and asked him to wait outside at the goblin blind just outside the mine.



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