Lost Mines of Phandelver

Session 6: Cleanup

Our quartet of adventurers, having just opened the door to a sort of pen for captives, are immediately thrust into action against two Redbrand ruffians here. After easily disposing of the two, the adventurers look around and find three prisoners divided between two cells partitioned by iron bars: Mirna Dendrar and her children, Nars (13) and Nilsa (18). Mirna thanks their rescuers and, unable to provide any monetary compensation, offers the location of a beloved heirloom: an emerald necklace, which she left in her family’s herb and alchemy shop in southeast Thundertree, when she was forced to flee the town as a child after undead overran the area.

Droop, eager to be useful to his rescuers, jumps at the idea to help lead the prisoners safely from the hideout (recalling some more information about a trapped hall and a secret room yet to be encountered). Luckily, having identified the “hall” described to them, Meridan successfully identified the pit trap. Daegras and Sobaka easily jumped the length of the suspicously partitioned floor tiles and Enigrim easily skirted by, though Meridan lost her footing and fell 20 feet to the bottom. Fortunately, her pride was hurt more than her body.

Arriving in a large cellar room next with a cistern next, Sobaka and Meridan take up positions along the landing 15 feet up some stairs as Daegras searches through the kegs and barrels, finding only foodstuffs and other such provisions. Just as he approaches the door by the cistern, three Redbrands burst through, taking Daegras and Enigrim by surprise. Their advantage was short-lived, however, as their tactic proved futile. Once they were cut down, the adventurers checked things out, finding little of interest in the barracks but at least finding a bit of coin on the Redbrands.

Finally, locating the secret passage they were anticipating, they find a short passageway leading back to the crevasse area. Faithfully holding up their end of the bargain, the PC’s drag the bodies of the most recently killed ruffians to the crevasse and throw them in. Immediately, the strange telepathic voice is sent to Daegras and Meradin, thanking them for the delivery but telling them that the rules have change and a new deal has been struck. It asks what the party can do for it — insisting that he currently can feed on a steady supply of prisoners, but this only angers Daegras, and both sides ready for a fight as the nothic steps out of hiding. Though a fierce opponent, however, it was no match against the entire party, and was killed much sooner than the invisible omniscient brain expected.



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